Hospitals and Healthcare

LogiQ Security Systems provides complete security systems for hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare facilities in Sydney. We utilize the latest technology, and design a security plan based on the exact needs of your institute.

The initial stage involves a consultation, which allows us to discuss your requirements, and assess your security needs.

The healthcare industry demands a complete and solid approach to security. The legal regulations and requirements must be met, and the safety of both staff and patients should always be a priority.

Healthcare facilities can be targeted for drug and prescription theft, for valuable equipment, or for information and identity.

The implementation of a security plan is imperative to protect the lives of people and to successfully manage the institute. LogiQ Security Systems specializes in the installation of security systems that ensure absolute safety and adherence to legal requirements.

Our knowledge and experience in security systems design and installation for hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare facilities, allow us to formulate a flawless system to protect your healthcare facility. Whatever your requirements, and whatever the size of your facility, LogiQ Security Systems can offer complete security and peace of mind.

LogiQ Security Systems install advanced security systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities. We provide security solutions that can protect multiple buildings, equipment, and people. We offer:

  • Security access control solutions with badging software and access cards / fobs systems.
  • CCTV systems, including  wireless security cameras and video recording and management to prevent theft and false accident claims.
  • Patient and staff security with alarms, and intercom systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities .
  • Data protection systems to prevent information and identity theft.