LogiQ Security Systems has a wide range of products and solutions that are easy to use and flexible for tenants. With our systems for residential and strata buildings, you can create a secure environment that’s easy to control. From exterior entries to interior areas and elevators in the building. We work with you to design a custom security system to protect the building and tenants.

It is imperative to keep homes safe and secure. Residential properties can be targeted for theft and be damaged by vandalism. A security system can help prevent incidents to your property and protect the people in it.

LogiQ Security Systems offers planning, installation, and repair services of simple and advanced residential security systems for family homes, multi-tenant buildings, luxury apartments and housing developments in in Sydney and surrounding metro areas.

After discussing your requirements with you, we can upgrade or replace an existing system and install a new one. 

We can provide soltutions such as:

  • Residential access control system with card, fob or Smartphone App
  • Audio/video intercom system for residential buildings with remote control from your Smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Wireless outdoor security systems
  • Alarm and camera monitoring systems
  • Door Entry system with electronic locks
  • Whether you require a basic security system, or an advanced system that utilizes the latest technology, LogiQ Security Systems can deliver the results. We work with you to design a custom security system the latest security methods and equipment for total peace of mind.