Ducted Vacuums Solutions

Our selection of modern Ducted Vacuum Systems integrate into the design and construction of today’s contemporary home lifestyle. Each system have tools and brushes  specifically chosen and designed to suit both the size and style of your home and your unique floor coverings.

A ducted vacuum system is otherwise called the central vacuum system. It is a vacuum cleaner machine with ducting fitted in the walls of each room, with the power unit and collection unit installed in the carport, store, cupboard or other suitable location in your premises.

LogiQ Security Systems Ducted Vacuums are equipped with exclusive self-cleaning filters, this means your central vacuum system will always be at optimal cleaning performance, and there is no need to ever purchase vacuum filter bags. Our Ducted Vacuum Systems are designed with commercial grade materials for high durability and long life.

The central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and dust from homes and commercial properties, sending the dirt and dust particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a single point. Inlets are placed in the walls that join power hoses and other central vacuum equipment, this enables the recovery of dirt and dust from inside rooms.

We supply economical and premium systems from Hills and Ness.